A travel path paved in purple

Calling all travelers! I’ve joined the blogging ranks of The Diary of the Purple Passport, a travelogue devoted to the most fun, unique, and elegant spots around the world. It was started by gals-about-the-globe Emily Chang and Jennifer Garcia-Alonso, best friends and travel companions since high school. Their taste-making online travel guide The Purple Passport is debuting in Summer 2010 (I’m the Senior Writer for the site).  While the site will be a one-stop-shop for all your travel needs, The Diary expands upon the venues featured on the site – including the best hotels, restaurants, spas, shops, nightlife, and cultural venues in the world’s most exciting cities – and weaves entertaining (and informative!) travel tales.

Subscribe to the blog to get a taste of some truly fresh travel writing, glean travel tips, and follow my dispatches from Los Angeles and beyond!  So why purple?  Visit The Diary to find out!

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