Boot scootin’ boogie

I’ve overturned a lot of dance stones during my years in Los Angeles. When I first arrived here, swing was all the rage, and I spent many a night at The Derby in it’s heyday. Then, it was all about salsa, which bled into my discovery of merengue and bachata and cumbia. I loved samba at Cafe Danssa back in the day. And hip hop has always been a constant.

So, when my editor at the Los Angeles Times asked me to start a series on quirky, one-off dance scenes in Los Angeles, I was a little stumped. I thought I’d tried it all, but it turns out I barely scratched the surface. People in LA are getting down in just about every which way they can.

There’s lots to come, but first up this week: two-step. Yes, you can have a taste of Texas right here in Southern California at Montana’s in San Dimas. Check out my article about this honky-tonk haven in today’s Los Angeles Times. And yes, I learned the two-step and danced with some cowboys in the making of this article! Coming soon: where to do The Hustle.

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