re:discover Los Angeles

re:discover Los Angeles just launched a refresh of its “re:discover” series, a collection of web guides that explores the souls of cities across America. I was fortunate to be the writer for the Los Angeles update. I got to profile some amazing cultural insiders, including hip-hop MC The Lady Tigra, music editor Adam Smalley, hair stylist Josh […]

From kimchi to karaoke in Koreatown

Singular Magazine is running a four-part series I wrote on ethnic neighborhoods in Los Angeles. The second stop is Koreatown, where high-tech billboards and dense high rises collide with soothing tea houses (my favorite is Hwa Sun Ji Tea & Coffee) and mineral spas specializing in ancient healing arts.  The timing of this piece is […]

Travel the globe without leaving Los Angeles

You’re in a place where exotic smells waft from sidewalk cafes.  All around you, signs are scrawled in foreign scripts and people speak in unfamiliar languages.  Food-market bins are crammed with piquant spices and unusual produce.  Colorful curios line the shelves of neighborhood boutiques.  Surely, you’re very far from home.  Or, you’ve just stumbled into […]