Up close and personal with Annabeth Gish

Actress Annabeth Gish has been one of my favorites since adolescence, when she starred in a breakout role alongside Julia Roberts in Mystic Pizza. I identified deeply with her performance as Kat, a brainy, girl-next-door character who’s struggling with identity and sexuality before heading off to Yale. Since then, Gish has continued to play complex female roles in films and TV shows such as Brotherhood, The X-Files, and Sons of Anarchy.

I had the privilege of meeting Annabeth for coffee this January and chatting about how she balances fame with family and the directions she envisions next for her career. The Duke University graduate (she majored in English and women’s studies, two subjects dear to my heart!) is a proud alumna of Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority. My profile of Annabeth appears in the Spring issue of Kappa’s Key magazine. Check it out here!!

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