FORM swim goggles put swimming performance goals in your sights.

In recent years, tech gadgets that give real-time access to performance metrics have transformed how runners and cyclists train.

But for swimmers, things haven’t gone as swimmingly—largely because taking time to glance at a wrist-worn device mid-swim impedes performance.

That’s why a new pair of smart swim goggles created by Canadian startup FORM are poised to make a huge splash.

The FORM goggles look and feel similar to a regular pair of swim goggles but integrate a miniaturized computer that tracks and displays real-time performance data on the goggles’ see-through lens. Swimmers can see key metrics like split times, distance, and stroke rate—without interrupting their flow in the slightest.

The goggles are the brainchild of FORM founder and CEO Dan Eisenhardt, who—before starting his career as a sports technology entrepreneur—swam competitively for 14 years in both his native Denmark and America…

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