Guide to Beijing Launches on The Purple Passport!

Beijing is a city whose grand, imperial past is inseparable from its sprawling, concrete-jungle present. At its founding, the emperor’s throne in the magnificent Forbidden City was placed precisely at the city’s dead center, while surrounding neighborhoods were coaxed into concentric circles around it, ensuring a master-planned metropolis amenable to royal whims. How’s that for planting oneself in the middle of it all?

Today, of course, those imperial palaces abut gleaming high rises…and you’re more likely to find Beijingers at shrines of conspicuous consumption than shrines to ancient emperors. But with The Purple Passport’s just-launched Guide to Beijing, you can feel like you’ve got a seat on that central throne. From the hottest nightlife spots to the plushest hotels, trendiest boutiques, most decadent spas, tastiest restaurants, and not-to-be-missed sights and activities, the Beijing Guide will put you in the absolute center of the action (and help you pamper yourself like a royal)!  Pop on over to peruse it!

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