Mods and Motown at Club Soulside

In my latest installment for the Los Angeles Times “Boogie Nights” column, I visited Club Soulside at Cafe Club Fais Do-Do, a monthly invocation of all things mod (a subculture with roots in 1960s Britain). In the late 1970s and early ’80s, a mod revival swept through Southern California, introducing a new generation to its tenets of soul music, Italian scooters, and — above all — sharp dressing. The music and fashion are so cool that the mod lifestyle has continued to endure among its faithful devotees, with newbies discovering its pleasures at places like Club Soulside. The DJs here are really dynamite and the Northern soul, Motown, and vintage reggae tunes (all played on 45s) irresistible. Patrons get down with the Shuffle and the Jamaican skank. You might even see some hardcore dancers break out James Brown-type splits and hand plants! Read more in my piece in the Los Angeles Times.

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