re:discover Los Angeles just launched a refresh of its “re:discover” series, a collection of web guides that explores the souls of cities across America. I was fortunate to be the writer for the Los Angeles update. I got to profile some amazing cultural insiders, including hip-hop MC The Lady Tigra, music editor Adam Smalley, hair stylist Josh Rosebrook, and fashion designer Johana Hernandez. Each of these incredibly creative individuals gave the lowdown on how the city of Los Angeles has inspired them and on their favorite restaurants, lounges, hiking spots, unique shops, and more in town. I also put together a day trip guide to Los Angeles’ natural wonders culled from their recommendations. Last but not least, I got to tour the downtown headquarters of Homeboy Industries, an incredibly innovative and successful gang rehabilitation organization started by Father Greg Boyle (the Homegirl Cafe is a must-stop for lunch!). Writing about all of these various sides of LA renewed my love for the city and its energy as an incubator for creative and humanistic achievements. Re:discover it for yourself by checking out the guide!

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