The best of Cartagena, Colombia

After two trips to Cartagena, Colombia, this year, I feel like it’s my second home. And as cooler weather approaches in Los Angeles, my mind is beginning to drift back to the tropical heat of the Caribbean coast. When the chill and rain of January and February hit, there’s no place I’d rather escape to than the sultry streets of Cartagena to drink in the color, cumbia rhythms, and fresh tropical juices.

For others curious about the magic of this colonial city, I’ve just published a guide to the Best of Cartagena on Trip Out Travel. It’s got all the must-hits for the best sights, restaurants, and nightlife just in time for your winter trip planning. And don’t worry: the city’s come a long way from its “Romancing the Stone” days. The danger is gone, but the beauty and sex appeal remain.

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