The Floor at King King in Hollywood

I have always loved the scene in the film Dirty Dancing where Baby bursts into the staff dance party at Kellermen’s carrying a watermelon. She gets a glimpse of how the professionals who teach dance by day let loose at night.

Walking into The Floor, a multi-genre improv dance night that happens every third Monday at King King in Hollywood, is an uncannily similar experience. Creators Carolina Cerisola and Sascha Escandon, both professional dancers who met in the salsa scene, started The Floor as a place where their musician and dancers friends could get loose outside of the structured demands of professional gigs.

Et voil√†: a dazzling display of movement across the stylistic map, where salsa dancers meet breakdancers meet swing dancers meet tango dancers meet capoeira practitioners and more, all to the tune of a live improv band and DJ. It’s the coolest thing I’ve been to in a long time. And you don’t even have to carry a watermelon! Read more in my article in the Los Angeles Times.

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