The Purple Passport to Los Angeles eBook

I’m one of the writers/editors for The Purple Passport to Los Angeles, a new eBook guide to my home port of LA. It’s organized by neighborhood to help readers get oriented in the LA sprawl and includes hip, handpicked venues from the Westside to the Eastside. Whether your LA pleasure is celebrity sighting, beachcombing, dance clubbing, art spotting, nature trolling, movie going, or fine dining, the guide has you covered. Helpful maps and must-knows about transportation, seasonal highlights, and local culture are also included. It’s available for download through the Amazon Kindle Store for Kindle readers and Kindle apps for Android/iPhone, so you can slip it in your bag as you take a “Red Carpet Ride”!

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  1. Tim

    This book is great! Even for people who already live in LA, such as myself. I enjoyed reading it.

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