My First Published Personal Essay


This illustration by Gabrielle Gamboa perfectly captures the spirit of the essay I published today on Narratively as part of “Modern Families” week. It’s a piece about my passion for dancing to hip-hop and salsa, and how that passion has defined much of my adult life, including my romantic relationships. A conventional life of marriage and family has eluded me, often painfully, as I prioritized my artistic passions (writing, dancing) over stability and “grown up” pursuits. A thirty-something, I was sure-footed on the dance floor but out of step with my married-with-kids peers, until an unexpected pregnancy forced me to confront my fading youth. It’s a piece about love and mortality and the different rhythms that have influenced my life. Not to spoil the ending, but it involves me dancing alone in my room to one of my favorite hip-hop artists Kendrick Lamar, as Gabrielle so creatively pictured. Check out the essay here.

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