Up close and personal with Annabeth Gish

Actress Annabeth Gish has been one of my favorites since adolescence, when she starred in a breakout role alongside Julia Roberts in Mystic Pizza. I identified deeply with her performance as Kat, a brainy, girl-next-door character who’s struggling with identity and sexuality before heading off to Yale. Since then, Gish has continued to play complex […]

Now On: Travel Channel

I’ve recently started writing for¬†Travel Channel, which is expanding their online coverage of Los Angeles. The first two pieces are up! Top 10 Places to Stay in Los Angeles covers the city’s most distinctive hotels. 14 Things To Do in Los Angeles is a surprising list of things you probably didn’t know you could do […]

“Hot” Freelance Website!

Just stumbled upon this… The site Write With Warnimont called out my website as a “hot” freelance writing website. That’s pretty cool. Thanks, Warnimont!