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Hello! I’m Rachel B. Levin, a Los Angeles-based freelance writer and editor. I primarily work with culture and lifestyle content… which pretty much means I get to explore people, places, products, and ideas that I’m passionate about!

For over a decade, I covered (and uncovered) the best of what L.A. has to offer—dance, nightlife, theater, restaurants, hotels, attractions, and neighborhoods—for nationally recognized publications such as the Los Angeles Times, Travel+Leisure, Time Out, and the Travel Channel.

And while I’m still known to hit the town, in recent years I’ve switched my writing focus from “outer” experiences to stories that illuminate our “inner” world: intimate profiles, deep-dive features, and quirky personal essays for outlets like Narratively and Southwest Airlines’ magazine.

Health and wellness have also been a major emphasis for me. I’ve covered the intersection of clean eating and culinary craft as an Editor at Clean Plates, profiled entrepreneurs and trendsetters in healthy food and sustainability for Alive magazine (distributed by Whole Foods), and produced easy-to-understand stories about the latest research in integrative medicine at NewMarket Health.

I’m an honors graduate of Stanford University in Psychology and earned masters’ degrees in both English and Creative Nonfiction Writing at the University of Southern California.

What can I do for you?

Teaching & Consulting

I love guiding others along their writing journeys and have been a writing teacher and coach for two decades. I draw on my interdisciplinary background in psychology and literature as a consultant for those seeking to write memoirs, use personal writing for healing and emotional growth, and craft personal narratives for college and graduate school admissions. I’m available for one-on-one consultations and manuscript review.

Currently, I’m also training with the Therapeutic Writing Institute to become a Certified Journal Facilitator who teaches JOURNAL TO THE SELF® Workshops.

Previously, I’ve taught college-level courses in composition, creative writing, and cultural studies at the University of Southern California, California State University Los Angeles, and Los Angeles City College. I’ve also worked with young writers through the Cal State LA Writing Project, the summer program at Crossroads School for Arts and Sciences, and Johns Hopkins University’s Center for Talented Youth.


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