How Nyakio Kamoche Grieco uncovered the secrets of women with the most beautiful skin in the world.

Sitting down to chat with beauty entrepreneur Nyakio Kamoche Grieco is a little like gaining access to your own personal skincare guru–one who possesses intimate knowledge of some of the world’s most ancient and precious skincare secrets.

When I meet Grieco in July at a cafe in the chic Hancock Park neighborhood of Los Angeles that she calls home, it’s been just four months since the launch of her new prestige skin care line, the eponymous Nyakio (pronounced Neh-KAY-Oh), exclusively at Ulta Beauty. And already, Nyakio is garnering attention in a crowded marketplace for combining the latest in modern technology with natural, global ingredients that have been used for centuries to revitalize skin and fight the signs of aging…

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