Stockton-based REALTOR® Kimberlee Williams couldn’t figure out why her Instagram account, which had over 15,000 followers, wasn’t landing her much in the way of new business. Each of her posts—a mix of updates about her listings and her real estate team as well as inspirational quotes, with photos of herself tossed in here and there—drew hundreds of likes. But they weren’t translating into inquiries from interested buyers or sellers.

After hiring a social media consultant to review her Instagram analytics, Williams learned that the engagement with each post was higher when Williams herself appeared in the picture. Based on that insight, Williams recently overhauled her strategy to include herself in all of her Instagram posts. The result?

“Now I tend to get one new interested buyer per week at minimum,” says Williams.

Williams’s experience is indicative of a digital sea change in REALTOR® marketing that’s intensified over the past few years…

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