With this hydroponic planter, you don’t need much time—or a green thumb—to grow your own food.

If you’re a lover of fresh, local produce and a champion of the environment, then growing some of your own food is likely at the top of your #homegoals list. But given the time and talent it takes to plant and maintain a vegetable garden, you may feel lost in the weeds.

Fortunately, Hollywood luminaries Zooey Deschanel and Jacob Pechenik have found a way to eliminate the most common obstacles to growing food at home. Last March, they launched Lettuce Grow, a business centered on a vertical hydroponic planter—called the Farmstand—that makes growing your own farm-fresh produce a no-brainer. With just five minutes of gardening per week, you can have a thriving edible garden.

Pechenik, who follows a plant-based diet, says that the goal is to make eating plants “more accessible, more affordable, [and] more fun”…

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