Pros and amateurs alike get into the spirit at the King King, where the moves are all over the place.

When a circle forms in the middle of a nightclub dance floor, it’s often one of two things: Either someone in a drunken party has decided to bust out “the sprinkler” or a posse of breakdancers takes over to showcase its acrobatic power moves.

But at the Floor, a unique multi-genre dance night held every third Monday at Hollywood’s King King, anything’s possible (except, perhaps, the sprinkler). Because it attracts professional dancers and dance enthusiasts from all over the stylistic map, you’re just as likely to glimpse a swing dance couple sweeping through the circle with flips and aerials as a pair of tango dancers gliding across in a sultry embrace, or a tap dancer banging out a jazzy freestyle duet with the band’s saxophonist.

Gathering a diversity of styles was a primary motivation of the night’s creators, Carolina Cerisola and Sascha Escandon, professional dancers who met in the salsa scene. When they started the Floor in 2008, they saw a need for a place where people from different corners of the dance community, who seldom cross paths, could come together…


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