The Double H Club in El Segundo has a night dedicated to the iconic dance. But instead of being an ode to the 1970s disco era, the dance has been updated.

There’s no fog machine, no platform shoes and little polyester in sight. There’s not even a disco ball. And yet, every Wednesday night, the Double H Club at the Hacienda Hotel in El Segundo, near LAX, morphs into a den of that iconic dance from the 1970s, the hustle.

Immortalized in the 1975 Van McCoy song “The Hustle,” the dance may conjure images of “Saturday Night Fever”-style line dancing set to disco tunes. But at the Double H Club, which has been hosting a dedicated hustle night on Wednesdays for more than 10 years, the hustle is more “Gaga” than “Bee Gee.”

Since the ’70s, the hustle has evolved into a refined partner dance that’s a close cousin to social dances like West Coast swing and salsa, and the music has changed with the times. Hustle’s steady pulse lends itself to everything from ’80s Madonna and Michael Jackson to ’90s house music to Lady Gaga’s latest release…


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