The name “Four-Headed Dance II” may conjure images of mythological, fire-breathing monsters or the Hindu god Brahma. But the quartet of heads in the title of this dance showcase — appearing at Highways Performance Space tonight through Saturday — refers to something a bit less supernatural, though not necessarily any less divine: four choreographers.

The hope is, it will be a case of four heads being better than one as coordinator Keith Glassman has invited three other established choreographers — Kiha Lee, Kristen Smiarowski and Sri Susilowati — to join him in this sequel to his June 2006 effort, also at Highways. The aim is not only to present Los Angeles premieres of eclectic dance/theater, but also to foster feedback among artists who often work in isolation.

In many showcases, according to Glassman, the artists involved don’t share their work “until the day of the performance, and there’s no real opportunity to give feedback.” In preparation for Four-Headed Dance, the choreographers gathered periodically to show each other the work in progress and exchange ideas…


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