A new trend is flowering—the purple plant provides not just health benefits but flavor to these foods.

Ahhhh, lavender—this delicate flower’s scent conjures up visions of fragrant purple fields and perfumed soaps and lotions that exploit its calming essence. Smells great but who wants to eat something that reminds them of soap or flowers, for that matter?

Fear not: There’s nothing soapy about the subtle lavender flavor in a recent crop of healthy foods and  drinks that are capitalizing on its culinary merits. These sweet and savory treats use the flower to impart enticing floral notes and add surprising depth to their flavors. And the fact that lavender may help ease digestive disturbances, according to recent studies done by bioscientists in India, and has antioxidant properties, as explored by scientists in Tunis, is another reason we’re keen on eating and imbibing these lavender-kissed goodies. It’s one of the reasons the Free Verse Farm is inundated with lavender orders…

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