Fatigue Science is upping pro sports teams’ sleep game. Soon, the tech innovator could help you sleep for your best life.

For professional athletes who regularly attend high-intensity practices, travel across time zones, and play late-night matches, getting enough sleep can be an epic challenge. But a Canadian company called Fatigue Science is striving to change that—and demonstrating that when it comes to peak athletic performance, sleep can be a real game changer.

With a client roster that includes teams from every major sports league, as well as Olympic and collegiate teams, Fatigue Science is in the business of “fatigue modeling.” The company’s innovative Readiband wristband captures wearers’ sleep data with a level of accuracy that rivals in-lab sleep studies. Then, Fatigue Science runs that data through a U.S. Army-developed algorithm to predict an individual’s level of fatigue with near certainty…

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