A groundbreaking telemedicine company is pairing patients with the perfect primary care doctor—and sparking enduring relationships

In today’s medical landscape, finding a primary care physician to monitor your health can feel like a herculean task. You’ve got to navigate complex insurance networks and endure long waits to be seen. And even if you do manage to get in for an appointment, there’s no guarantee you’ll forge a connection with your doctor that encourages you to return.

But SteadyMD, an innovative telemedicine company, has found a way to make establishing a relationship with a primary care doctor easy, efficient, and (dare we say) enjoyable. Not only does SteadyMD’s Matching Engine ensure you’re paired with a board-certified physician who “gets” you and your health needs, but you also can virtually contact that physician as often as you need.

“If you want a long-term relationship in continuous care, you cannot get [what SteadyMD offers] in the brick-and-mortar world,” says Guy Friedman, SteadyMD’s CEO and co-founder…

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