Taste the future of meat with the Beyond Burger

Beef burgers without cows? It sounds like some genetic scientist’s futuristic fever dream.

But get your grill at the ready—the future of beef has already arrived in the fresh meat case. Meet the Beyond Burger: burger patties that look, cook and taste nearly identical to their beef counterparts but are made entirely from plants. The all-natural burgers are a serious departure from previous mock meat contenders because the patties char, sizzle and “bleed” just like beef, resulting in juicy, browned burgers with pink middles and a surprisingly beefy taste that could fool most carnivores (including this one).

The man behind this miraculous “meat” is Ethan Brown, who founded Beyond Meat in 2009 and began a challenging seven-year journey to develop the burger (and other products, including mock chicken) from concept to retail…

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