Andrea Hannemann (aka @EarthyAndy) resolved her intractable health issues by ditching processed foods and eating whole plant foods instead. Her 30-day challenge could be a game changer for you too.

When Andrea Hannemann started seeing stories about the healing powers of plant-based diets several years ago, she didn’t believe them. “I thought it was staged, you know—to see someone who looked at the top of their health with this huge plate of fruit in front of them,” she says. “I just thought, ‘How is that possible?’”

Today, after a dietary journey that transformed her health, Hannemann is one of the Internet’s biggest boosters of plant-based eating (to the tune of 1.2 million @EarthyAndy followers on Instagram)—and the radiantly healthy mother of three boys isn’t shy about posing with fruit to punctuate the point.

Indeed, the sumptuous photos of colorful produce and plant-based dishes on her IG feed make eating healthy look like a slice of paradise. It also doesn’t hurt that many are set against the swoon-worthy tropical backdrop of the beach town in Oahu, Hawaii, that she and her family call home.

With the recent publication of her first book, Plant Over Processed, Hannemann has compiled the rules of the 30-Day Plant Over Processed Challenge that helped her make the switch to a plant-based diet, along with 75 recipes that changed her life…

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